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MTS 244.21 6 Kip 10 in w/Swivel & Manifold



Fatigue-rated performance and durability

Used MTS Series 244.21 6 Kip 10 inch stroke with swivel and manifold.
• Superior reliability and versatility in actuator force ratings from 3.3 to 220 kip (15 to 1000 kN)
• Actuator design interfaces directly with modular MTS swivels, transducers, and servo valves to simplify system configuration and ensure con sistent test results
• Proprietary MTS seal and bearing designs have set an industry standard for durability, long life, and performance
• Double-ended, fatigue rated actuator design combines balanced dynamic performance and robust side load tolerance to provide unmatched strength and durability
• MTS exclusive direct-bonded polymer bearings reduce friction and ensure maximum heat dissipation during high frequency operation
• Hydraulic cushions help prevent the piston rod from accidentally hitting the end cap during high velocity operation
• In many applications, the combination of reduced weight and advanced design can produce performance levels that rival hydrostatic bearing actuators
• Backed by a worldwide network of field service engineers and technicians familiar with the demands of rigorous dynamic testing applications

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MTS Series 244 Hydraulic Actuators & Accessories specification sheet.