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Experimental Services, Inc. has a wide selection of used and refurbished MTS, Pegasus, Shore Western, and Parker actuators, including Bird-Johnson rotary actuators that will fit most of your needs. Some of these are not listed so be sure to call Experimental Services, Inc. for pricing and help you choose the right equipment for needs and budget, product information and ordering at 330-848-0059 extension #1.

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Rubber Dynamic Testing

ESI specializes in the dynamic characterization of rubber products and rubber materials.

Dynamic testing involves exciting a product or material sample with a controlled input and measuring the resulting response. A sinusoidal waveform input as a load or displacement signal is a common type of excitation imposed with a high performance servo-hydraulic actuator. The reaction load measured across the sample, the phase shift and the displacement signal are used to calculate engineering parameters, typical properties include:

  • Complex Dynamic Stiffness K*
  • Storage Stiffness K’ or Kd
  • Loss Stiffness K”
  • Damping C
  • Phase Φ
  • Tan Delta δ
  • Compression, Tension or Shear Moduli  E*, E’, E”, G*, G’, G”
  • Transmissibility Tr
  • Energy Absorption
  • Natural Frequency
  • Hysteresis
  • Resilience
  • Fatigue Crack Growth Rate

Using servo-hydraulic (MTS) and electrodynamic (Labworks, Ling) test systems ESI can determine material and engineering properties from the static condition to well over 1000 Hz. We have test machines capable of imparting dynamic loads up to 110 Kip (500 kN) and 17 inches (432 mm) of dynamic stroke.

Test input variables may include:

  • Frequency
  • Preload or prestrain
  • Dynamic amplitude (load, displacement or acceleration)
  • Temperature
ESI Bushing Torsional Testing

Bushing Torsional Testing

Torsional and conical static and dynamic rates can be determined on products such as couplings and bushings. Test data can be imported into spreadsheet programs for analysis and presentation.